Zombie Deathmatch

Zombie Deathmatch
Zombie Deathmatch is a title fight that pits zombies terrifying to face in brutal combat to the death. To survive, you have to analyze carefully the movements of the enemy and adopt an aggressive stance.

The app lets you totally side buttons and D-pads, and you just need to slide your finger in the desired direction to trigger an attack or special move. At the beginning, a tutorial explains all the possibilities and it is recommended that you pay attention.

There are three types of zombies: Maulers (Overwhelming), Stalkers (Espreitadores) and Brutes (raw). Each class has a specific attack bonus, plus an entirely differentiated. As you advance in the campaign, you can buy new and more powerful zombies of any kind.

Above you gave a complete description about the Zombie Deathmatch and its functionalities, know now what we think of If you love fighting games and also likes zombies, so Zombie Deathmatch is an excellent option for you to try. Here, you put two zombies to face, being that it takes good reflexes and a lot of aggression to detonate the opponent.

Fighting accessible

The control scheme is incredibly intuitive, since gamers never have to worry about D-pads or with complicated buttons that stay on your screen. Everything is done through gestures in desired direction, which means it only takes a few taps to perform incredible attacks.

This facilitates mechanical enough gambling problem, but ends up limiting significantly the number of moves for each wrestler, also making the fighting a little repetitive. The bright side is that there are a large number of zombies, and each has unique movements.

About the graphics, the app can surprise the demanding gamers. The modeling of the characters are all the rage, the animations are fluid and special effects during the beatings will give a show. Even though it’s only available in English interface screens are organized and easy to understand.

The macabre trail that packs the slugfest is exciting and will hardly disappoint who decide to play from headphones. The effects, in turn, are well synchronized and represent with enthusiasm the punches and other attacks.