Wire is an Instant Messenger that brings everything what is necessary for you to communicate with your friends in a practical way. The system counts with a modern and elegant interface that differs from most of the options of the genre.

To create an account, simply tap “Register”. You must select a picture for your profile, enter your full name, enter a valid email address and choose a password. You will receive an e-mail in which you need to play in “VERIFY” to validate the account.

After completing the profile, use the “Sign In” button and log in. Wire can help you find your friends in the system – and to invite them-if you authorize access to your contact list. Anyway, you can add contacts manually by name or email.

Wire allows you to send text messages, videos or songs to your friends. You can also get their attention through the “Ping” function, if you need a quick response. As well as other popular messengers, Wire has full support for chat groups, enabling several people to exchange messages easily.

Above you gave a complete description about the Wire and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Wire is an interesting option for people who love instant messengers, but they’re sick of the more traditional applications, like WhatsApp Viber, for example and. Here, you find all the common functions of programs of the genre, as well as a beautiful interface.

All screens have a visual pattern colorful and extremely minimalist, ensuring an intuitive usability. The app offers quick answers, even when they are sent or music videos, which is great.


Support for chat groups is a vital element which adds points to the application, since these days, many people tend to give preference to this modality to keep in touch with friends or family.

Despite the good possibilities, Wire faces the same problem most apps of the genre: the invitations. The program is complete and very stylish, but, to take advantage of it, you first have to convince their friends to install it and create an account. Since it is not possible to use Facebook or Google + to streamline entries, it is possible that your contact list in the Wire is not very interesting.