Windy – Best Wind Forecast App

You would have seen many weather forecast apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store but these apps do not give you an accurate prediction of the wind conditions. This can play a spoilsport during an adventure activity or during a walk with a loved one. Having an idea of the wind conditions in advance can help you in making better plans. Here is a short review of the app so that you can understand the use of the app and use Windy for your benefit.

Features of Windy

The app can give you a forecast of Wind Map along with Wind Compass and wind direction. This is quite useful when you plan to go for wind sports.
The app can also help you in getting the details of the atmospheric pressure and it can also give you the historical data so that you can analyze the trend and use the data for your benefit.
Apart from the features mentioned above, the app also gives you a local forecast from NOAA and this includes the weather forecast along with the forecast for the next 10 days.

The application also shows you the ocean and sea conditions which impact the wind conditions and at the same time, you can get an idea about the right time for sailing.
Another amazing feature of the app is that the app can be used to get wind alert, storm alert and information about different spots. You can choose the sport where you want the wind chart about.
Lastly, you can also go for chats and join the community to exchange information and real-time conditions about the location that you are interested in.

General Review

In terms of the review, the app has a rating for 4.7 stars with over 33 thousand reviews on Google Play Store. Apart from this, the app has a rating of 4.6 stars with over 11 thousand reviews on the Apple App Store. In terms of installation, the app has been installed by over 1 Million people on Android. The interface is quite easy to understand and the app has a beautiful way of displaying data in an info-graphic manner which no other app can display.

Compatibility and Support

The app can be installed on Apple device that is running on iOS 9.0 and above. In addition to this, the app can be installed on the Android device that is running on Android 4.1 and above. You can use the free version of the app and you can also purchase the pro version depending on the use and additional features you would like to have. The size of the app is about 30 MB for Android Device and for the Apple Device, the size is 90MB
To download this app, you can use the download links below. The links are different for iOS and Android so simply click on the link as per your device compatibility.

Download Link for iOS

Download Link for Android