Tomb Raider II

Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider II is an action adventure game in which your goal is to control the heroine Lara Croft for great adventures in the jungle. Meet the challenges of the natural habitat and also of human action and fight for their own survival.

The game is a reprint of a classic from the ‘ 90 in which Lara must catch the dagger of Xian, famous for possessing the power of the Dragon. You have to be careful, because it is not the only one looking for the dagger.

Face all the audacity of warriors monks and crazed cult members conspire against you all the time. Travel through remote peaks of Tibet, through the canals of Venice and to the bottom of the ocean.

As always, you can set up with automatic guns, grenade launchers, refles M16 and more. In addition, you can unlock 50 achievements only, control various vehicles (such as boats and quadrimotos) and still participate in the adventures of the “Golden Mask”, the extension of the original game.

Above you gave a complete description about the Tomb Raider II and its functionalities, know now what we think of One of the most acclaimed games of Lara Croft is finally available to players of Android and iOS. In Tomb Raider II, players will be able to participate in a great persecution in search for the dagger of Xian, while fighting for his survival.

The game has been completely adapted for mobile devices. There is a new menu entry with all the game options and also achievements for Google Play Games and also for the Game Center App. That way, players can enjoy a better experience.

Controls: the good and the bad
The developer also added all the controls to play the title as best as possible and he did it without charging too much visual. That’s because the controls are white and with a hollow design, i.e. little hinders the progress of the adventure.

However, the drive controls did not respond very well to touch. The biggest problem was that the character walked slowly, which hindered the gameplay during the challenges.

Graphics and challenges

The graphics of the game apparently haven’t been upgraded. However, that is not enough to be a big problem as long as you understand that this is a classic game of years 90 and that this in no way hinders the fun.

Except for the problem of control, Tomb Raider II is an excellent choice for those who enjoy games of adventure and promises many challenges and catchy steps for the players. So if you like games in the genre, will like it a lot more this chapter of heroin.