The complete Image editor and Troll maker for malayalies

malayalam troll makerDear friends,Let me present to you an excellent Malayalam Image Editor app made by a few malayalies. They are the same Android developer team from Thrissur namely ‘Four Big Brothers’ who developed the application WhatsTools last year and received huge media attention.

This is a complete Image editor app for us. Using this app, we can create Seasonal greetings, Promotional Images, Trolls, Photo comments and so on. It also comes with lot of Malayalam and English fonts which you can use to write on any image in your phone.

When you start to create an work from this app, you can start from three options,

1) Choose Blank Layouts, which comprises of an empty layout, empty layout with 2 images and empty layout with 2 images and 2 texts.

2) Choose Template. This will contain sample works (like a psd file) which you can edit and make your on good looking images quickly. You will receive seasonal updates dynamically in this section for occasions like vishu, eid, onam, Christmas…

3) Choose a recent image. This will open the image in the editor, you can add more layers, crop or add effects to the image.

In the editor, when you add text, image, icons or cliparts, all of them would be added as a layer to the image. You can add as many layers as you need and you can resize, drag, re arrange and do other stuffs according to your wish to create a stunning image from this application.
There would be lot of categories in cliparts, background and templates, which you can download and use.

The Text Layer, you can use the bundled 10 English and 10 Malayalam fonts, change its properties like colour, font, font size, underline, strike, stroke(Thin & Thick) and text alignment.

You can change the transparency, rotation, 3d rotation and background color of all type of layers that you add to the editor.

It also allows you to choose images, as many as you want from your device from add image interface where you can sort by recent images or see images according to folder names.

Another interesting feature is the option to search for popular images from within the app using the from internet button. The user can search for images using parameters like movie name or actor name to retrieve popular movie or political images.

The add icon option has a varitey of bundled icons which can be added as a layer. You can change the size and color of the icon as well.

Background frame and categories will always be updated dynamically. You’ll have a list of popular categories in these sections. You can download and use those categories according to your need.

Once the user has finished adding and editing his layer, he can use the save button at the bottom to merge all the layers and export it as a single image to the sd card. After that, he/she can share the image via popular apps like WhatsApp/Facebook… The created image will be available in the gallery as well.

The use has the option to mark the created image as public, where he can choose a caption and related tags and upload to the public posts tab of the application.

Once the publicly shared image appear in the public posts feed, other users can mark the image as favourite similar to like option in facebook which will save a copy of the image to users sd card.

The public posts tab an also be filtered according to the users preference
The user can filter by date for TODAY/WEEK/MONTH/ALL.
He can choose the sorting option LATEST/FAVORITS as well.