Text fairy ( OCR Text Scanner)

text-fairyHave you ever faced any difficulties while sending important files or documents to others. Whenever we had an occasion to send files or documents, we usually send as text message or emails, this might not satisfy the beneficiary. Because it would be better to send them all as PDF files. But unfortunately we could not find any of such simple and free application for that yet now. Also we are been suffering efforts and loss of time while converting PDF files or Images to text images.

Stop worrying and wasting time by typing PDF files and writings on the images to text.

Today I am here, representing an application known as ‘Text Fairy’. This application is designed with many features concerning the conversion of text writings to PDF and vice versa.

How Text Fairy helps us??

Text Fairy lets you to convert image to text and edit the extracted writings, and lets you correct the view point of the image. This text can be copied to clipboard and we can paste it somewhere else, and make pdf files with it.

For best results, choose sharp images with good lighting. This app doesn’t read handwriting.

This application is absolutely free without ads and this recognises more than 50 languages. Let’s see the working of the application.

-Install the app.
– Open the app.
> Wait for a while, after completing the loading click on ‘Let’s go’. You have all done.
Now click on image’s symbol on the top right corner of the screen to choose the image from Gallery. Or you can click on camera’s symbol to take image and directly convert.
After choosing the image you can rotate the image, use it if necessary and crop the image highlighting the text. After a while it will read the text and you can edit it and make it as pdf file and also copy to clipboard.

This app can recognise English, French and German as inbuilt. You can download more languages by clicking the small lines on the top left corner on the screen > Click on Add language > Now download languages that you need.

This application is around 26 MB..