TeamViewer For Android Remote Control

TEAMVIEWERTeamViewer is a well-known tool for remote assistance, which enables you to control computers through your smartphone or tablet. It is necessary to have TeamViewer running traditional on the PC that you want to track, and then obtain the ID of this device to start the procedure.

The first time you start TeamViewer on your Android, a small explanatory tutorial comments on the main features and commands of the tool, but all you need to do to start a remote assistance connection is to type the ID of the computer that needs to be controlled. When you confirm the operation by clicking “remote control”, the connection is established and, in an instant, everything is already ready to run.

You can browse the desktop with your finger controlling the mouse “at a distance”. That’s because the cursor appears there are 2 cm from where you are actually playing. This makes it easier to interact with the desktop of the computer and makes you do not obstruct with the finger the elements you want to click.

At the bottom of the screen of your device, some controls are displayed, as the keyboard shortcut. That means you can enter things in areas that receive text on your computer by phone. To terminate the connection, simply tap on the “X” that appears in the lower left corner.

Above you gave a full description about TeamViewer for Remote Control and its functionalities, know now what we think of TeamViewer is a tool that allows you to control the desktop of computers remotely through an internet connection. You can deal with all applications in the appliance checked and still transfer files and everything. It really is a versatile tool and it works very well.

In our tests, we noticed that the quality of the connection between the computer and the smartphone is very good. The images are displayed in good resolution and everything you do on your phone happens on the computer almost instantly.

Simple to use

It is worth noting the form of interaction between the devices. You touch the screen of the smartphone or tablet to control the computer, but the mouse cursor appears about 2 cm from where you are actually playing. He mirrors your movements from a distance and this helps to interact with the desktop of the PC mode, preventing you to block with the finger the elements on which you want to click. There are still other movements with your fingers to access specific functions of the computer.

Another interesting point is the ability to transfer files between the two devices connected. At the bottom of the screen, there are shortcuts to access the settings app, on their side, you can see the sharing functions.

TeamViewer is really a tool very functional and in sync with the new TeamViewer for 10 computers, it works in an exemplary manner. The difference of the app for PC and Android mobile platform is that you only have remote access and file sharing. Chats and more advanced functions only on the desktop.