Syncios – Comprehensive iOS and Android Manager

The mobile OS environment is dominated by iOS and Android. In such a case, there is certainly a need for a unified solution which can help in the management of the data on both the platform. It is really unrealistic to have two different software on the PC to manage the data. Moreover, another challenged which people face here is that the data formats from one format are usually not compatible with the data formats on another platform. This gap was identified by Syncios and they came up with a new iOS and Android Manager. This software unifies all the platform in one and it also deals with the compatibility issues. Let us have a look at the features of the software.

Features of iOS and Android Manager

General Use – Generally, this tool can be used for transferring the data from the Android device to the iOS and vice versa. In addition to this, the tool can act as a perfect manager for all the data on your device.

Transfer of Files – The tool lets you transfer music, videos, and even photos from one device to another and it can also help you in transferring all this data to the PC. You can even convert the format of audio-visual files easily.

Backup Utility Tool – The application offers a complete backup manager and hence you can create a backup of all your data on the system and you can restore it anytime you lose the data on your phone. You can also customize the type of data you want to backup and restore. The application can not only backup your photos and videos but it can also take a backup of all the personal data like messages, contacts, etc.

Access to Free Video Library – The developers have given a free access to the online video library which enables you to watch and even download the videos in all types of format and quality.

App Manager – The software has an application manager for the iOS as well as Android and hence you can install, uninstall or take a backup of the data of any app on your phone.

Root Access – The application also works as a file manager and hence it gives you the access to the root directory of the iOS as well as Android Device.

Ringtone Maker – In the free version, you can also create different ringtones for yourself and it is certainly quite easy to do.

The paid version of the application is also available and it offers some additional features which are listed below
Transfer and Backup of Data Without PC

Restore from iCloud or iTunes on the device without compatibility issues

Sync of iTunes Library to Android

All these features make it a great tool and it is certainly a must-have a tool in case you use android or apple device. The application is compatible with almost every known model and you can also use the app with iPod and iPad.

You do not face any compatibility issue and the software works without a lag. In addition to this, you also get to experience the true power of unification of two different systems. So to download this amazing software, use the download link mentioned below.