Signal Private Messenger Keeps your Conversations Secure

Signal Private Messenger is almost like any other messenger available in the app stores, but there’s a very unique end to end encryption enabled for all the Signal users. Yes, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger now makes their messages end to end encrypted for security reasons but if you don’t feel secure over those platforms for some reason then Signal Private Messenger has got your back. With Signal Private Messenger, one can stay in touch with all your friends and families without worrying about your private messages getting leaked out. Signal Private Messenger is specialized on keeping messages encrypted and secure and they do it the best way.


Signal Private Messenger comes with a distinctive set of unique features. No SMS fees apply while using Signal because the communication takes place over Wi-Fi or mobile data, regular operator charges for cellphone internet would apply. Signal features are –

Be Open: With Signal Private Messenger, you can be as open as you want to be. Express whatever thoughts you have in your mind, no surveillance has been set up. All the messages private and stays between you and the person you are chatting with.
Signal is Open Source: The source codes of Signal has been made open source so that developers can put more of their efforts into the app. If you are into coding, maybe dig into the codes and find out what could be done to make the program even better. The developers welcome positive changes made to the app to make the service even better.
Group Conference: Using Signal Private Messenger, you could add up many of your friends in one conversation and have fun. In case of group messages, the messages are end to end encrypted for each individual message. And the best part is, Signal does not store any information at all – not the messages, not the persons taking part in a group conversation and not even what the group conversation is named. The downside is, if you ever lose a conversation from your local storage you lose it all.
Works Fast: Although the end to end encryption could take some time, the messaging interface in Signal Private Messenger is very fast. With a flawless internet connection, message delivery is almost instant.
Crystal Clear Voice Calls: Not just text messages, Signal Private Messenger allows making voice calls as well. The voice encoding technique used is unique and high tech, therefore listening to the other side is a very pleasant experience. You can call securely to a distant friend and won’t be charged anything apart from your internet bills.
Wide Range of Compatible Devices: Pretty much all the smartphones running Android 2.3 and above are supported for the Signal Android version. However, tablets without a SIM card calling facility are not supported yet but with further developments, this support may be added. Since this program is open source, anyone can make the necessary changes.

Signal Private Messenger is developed by a reputed developer named Open Whisper Systems, marked as a top developer in Google Play Store. Have no trust issues, download Signal Private Messenger and chat worry free.