Router Setup Page Android App

router-setu-pageAre you facing troubles while accessing your router web page. Definitely, people using broadband Internet connection might had this issue at least once. And also for changing wifi password, we are been sacrificing many efforts. We may get angry while checking the configuration of our router’s web page. Therefore today I am presenting you about an application known as ‘ Router Setup Page’

Router Setup Page lets you to see the configuration web page of your router. This application will automatically redirect you to your router web page. And also this application will automatically detect your modem’s IP address. You can change your wifi password in a convenient method using this application.

It would be safe to have a habit of changing wifi password in a regular period of time. It prevents hacking and you can protect your wifi. This application lets you to change your wifi password using your smartphone. Now let’s see how this app works.

> First of all download and Install the app.
> Open the app
Now you can see two options like
* Press to Update IP
This option is for updating your IP address, which means, when you change your wifi network sometimes it will show the current IP. So for ensuring the correct IP it would be better to press update IP.

* Open Router Page.
Click here and login with your username and password. If you haven’t changed your username or password yet, your data data may be
Username: admin
Passwor: admin
But in very rare it comes ‘Password’ as password instead of admin. Now login and you can change your password and other settings.