Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the new the famous franchise with release for iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Android, but the principle should not reach the Windows Phone. The game is now available for download in some countries, still no date in Brazil. The gameplay uses location data to enter the Pokemon in the real world. Thus, the player can capture, Exchange and use in battles with friends. The game will also feature with the Pokemon Go Plus, a wristband that promises to help the player in the journey to become a Pokemon master. The first trailer to reveal moments of gameplay, so you will need to wait for more information or the beginning of the beta phase to know for sure how the game will work. In addition, the download of the application will be free, but with purchases inside the app.

Pokemon Go puts players to capture monsters in the real world, but the augmented reality game for iPhone (iOS) and Android has functions that can help the coaches, as the items. They work differently and it is not always possible to acquire them for free. Learn about each of the available initially and how they work:

Poke Ball

poke-001The red and white Poke Ball has been available since the beginning of the game and the coach starts with a good amount of them. They serve to capture Pokemon by scenario, and need to be replaced if finish – but don’t worry, it’s easy to get more.

The Poke Balls can be obtained at PokeStops or purchased with real money through the virtual coins acquired previously. Over time, the higher the level of coach, he can get balls better, as the UltraBola and the MasterBola.


Incense can be used to attract more Pokemon to around coach. When activated, it only lasts 30 minutes, even when the player turns off the game on a cell phone.

As well as other items, the incense may also be obtained at the store or online at PokeStops, for free, but differently.

Lucky Egg

The Lucky Egg is an egg different from the pattern found in the game. When used, it doubles the experience received from the trainer during 30 minutes, is capturing Pokemon, passing by PokeStops or dominating gyms.

The Lucky Egg is a little more rare to achieve in PokeStops, but can be purchased usually at the store.

Lure Module

One of the most important items in the game, the Lure Module works similarly to the Incense, but can only be used in PokeStops and serves to any coach who is next. In this way, he attracts Pokemon during 30 minutes closer to the PokeStop where it was activated.

To be very useful for all, it is very rare to get in PokeStops, but can be bought with coins.

Egg Incubator

Egg Incubator serves to hatch Pokemon eggs, similar to the pattern that starts with the player. However, each Incubator serves only to an egg: buying more, we have a chance to incubate many eggs at a time.

Egg Incubator does not appear in PokeStops, but can be purchased with premium coins for a price well salted.

Bag Upgrade

The Bag Upgrade is more or less what the English name sets: an improvement to the player’s backpack. It allows the maximum items loaded with coach increase in over 50 of the initial number.

The Bag Upgrade can only be bought, not received on PokeStops.

Pokemon Storage Upgrade

Similar to Bag the Pokemon Storage Upgrade Upgrade increases by 50 the maximum number of Pokemon that can be saved on the computer. The improvement can increase as purchased more often.

Just as in the Bag, this Upgrade here cannot be retrieved from PokeStops, the online store only with real money and coins.

Medicinal items

As well as traditional games of the series, Potion and Revive are medicinal items for Pokemon. The Potion restores 20 hitpoints of a Pokemon, while Revive retrieves a monster killed.

The two items are obtained in PokeStops, and not the game’s online store.


The camera is an item “auto” and “Infinity” of the game. He is fixed and every coach has a. Can be used when capturing the Pokemon-just press the camera button that appears in the augmented reality mode and register a picture in the environment.

The camera doesn’t have limited use, cannot be improved and even obtained in PokeStops or store. She is totally fixed on each coach.