Muslim Pro – An App for Prayer Time, Azan, Quran, and Qibla

There are many religious apps available on Google Play Store and some of the application can help you in reading Bhagwat Gita whereas other apps may help you in reciting prayers, checking Hindu calendar and so on. There is also an application available for our Muslim brothers and this is a complete solution for all their religious needs. The name of the application is Muslim Pro and it is a free application available on Google Play Store for all the Muslims. Here are all the features of the application.

Features of Muslim Pro

• For all the Muslims, the prayer time holds a lot of importance and this application will display the most accurate time based on the local time of the country so that no one misses the prayers.
• The application also has support for Azan and in addition to this, the application provides audio-visual notifications which are hard to miss.
• During the holy month of Ramzan, the application would remind you of Imsak and Iftar so that you do not miss your food during the fast.
• If you like to read Quran then you must certainly be delighted to know that this application makes it possible for you to read Quran. The application also has support for audio recitation and translation of Quran. The application has a translation of Quran in Deutsch, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and many other languages.
• The application would make it possible for you to join the community so that you are able to pray with your fellow brothers.
• In Islam, a person is only allowed to have Halal meat and the application would display you all the restaurants serving Halal meat near you. This certainly makes it easy to find the right restaurant.
• The application also has an animated Qibla which would show you the direction to Mecca and hence you would know which direction to face while saying prayers.
• You can also access the Muslim Hijri Calendar with help of this application and in addition to this, the application also has many greeting cards for all the occasions.
• Apart from the features mentioned above, the application has many other features and you can access the complete list of features by simply downloading the application.

Now moving towards the review of, the application has been reviewed by over 1 Million users from across the world and the rating of the application on Google Play Store stands at 4.7 stars. In addition to this, the application has received over 9.3 lakh 4 star and 5 stars from the users. As per the data available, the application has been downloaded by 10 Million to 50 Million users.
You would not have a problem while installing the application on any android device that is running on Android 4.0 and above. The user interface of the application is also quite simple so the elders can also use the application without any problem. To download and install the application, click on the download link below.