Magic Fluids

Magic FluidsMagic Fluids Free is a lively and interactive background able to give new life to the home screen of your Android device.The software has a particle effect similar to that seen in the famous musical equalizers.Here, however, the graphics follow what your fingers do. So, a simple motion to switch between a screen and another can fill your device’s display of different colors and effects.

Wanting more!

The program allows you to use and abuse of its effects. That’s because the software has support for multiple touches at the same time, that is, the more fingers you put on the screen, she’s going to be more colorful.

The Magic Fluids Free account only with the option to use the effect of colored smoke. For being a free alternative of the Magic Fluids full, you’re not able to customize the colors or change for the water effect.

Even so, options such as the definition of quality effects and amount of “ink” spread through your fingers can still be configured in accordance with the processing power of your gadget.

Above you gave a complete description about the Magic Fluids Free and its functionalities, know now what we think of Magic Fluids Free is an animated background able to fully custom coloring the screen of your Android device. The software comes as a different and very beautiful, introducing effects that give a special air to the home screen of your gadget.

The Magic Fluids Free brings particle effects very well done and showing very whim on the part of its developers. The software plays masterfully and effects the behavior of smoke, allowing you to have, little by little, a colorful very nice in the background of the appliance.

The fact that he be interactive and bring the effects when you touch the screen also deserves emphasis, because then you are able to determine the direction, strength and quantity of “smoke” reproduced on the screen.

The Magic Fluids Free is only a demo version of Magic Fluids full, so there’s no great customization options, how to choose the colors or use the animations which reproduce the behavior of water, for example. Yet, here you are still able to set the quality of the effects, something very useful especially for those who has devices whose hardware is not the most powerful.