lockerLocker is a security tool with a proposal a bit drastic, but to protect your privacy if your unit definitely is stolen or misplaced. The program analyzes the lockscreen and formats the device if someone enter the password incorrectly five times.

To activate the service, tap “Enable Admin” and then confirm the operation on “activate”. Finally, you need to play the second button “Enable” located in the center of the display. The slider at the top serves to configure the maximum number of errors that are tolerated on the lock screen. The value can range between 1 and 20.

Locker does not microtransactions, not displays advertisements and is completely free. However, it is impossible to filter the type of content that will be deleted if someone enter the password incorrectly several times. By default, the app erases everything you find, leaving no trace.

Above you gave a complete description about the Locker and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
If you are a person extremely worried about their privacy, then Locker is a utility that can not miss on your Android. Zygotene Labs tool monitors closely the lock screen of your device and, if the password is entered incorrectly five times, erases all stored content in the gadget.

Although the proposal seems a bit aggressive, Locker avoids definitely that your photos and other files from falling into the wrong hands. As the system requires by default that five consecutive errors occur in lockscreen, it is unlikely that you erase your files accidentally. Still, the error counter can be fully customized.

For Locker work, you need to activate the program as an administrator on the device. Despite this, configure the app is an easy task that will not bring any complication, since on the home screen are displayed the necessary shortcuts for that process to be completed in a few seconds. The only downside of the Locker is that you cannot choose explicitly the files that will be deleted if the security process is activated.