iMajiCam – Realtime video effects

IMAGICCAMThe iMajiCam is an application made on measure for those who want to totally change the face of your photographs and footage. With it, you just need to choose your favorite style and start doing the clicks. When you open the app, you do not need any configuration, instantly your gadget’s camera is turned on and you can start having fun.

At the bottom of the screen, select the filters you want to apply. Are 7 distortion options, 10 of 25 colors of filters for you to create pictures any way you want. To view all the alternatives, slide the finger on the base of the screen. When you find an effect that will motivate you, so select the thumbnail of the sample to see how it’s going to be in real time.

You can combine an effect of each category and still adjust other settings such as brightness and contrast, leaving the picture the way you want. On the side of the display are buttons that allow you to connect the camera flash, replace the rear and frontal camera images, hide the on-screen menus or change the photo option for movies.

The last menu icon is the button to make the clicks. After the picture is done, you can save the result in memory of your device or share directly from their accounts on Facebook or Twitter.

If you sought an application to make totally different images, the iMajiCam can be the ideal companion. The app is very simple to use and only requires that you select the effect you want to apply to completely transform your images. Therefore, it is suitable for those who don’t know much about image editing.

However, if you want an app that also allow to change advanced settings, the iMajiCam should not disappoint for bringing menus for contrast, brightness and color intensity. With this, even if you already understand some editing photos, the iMajiCam can become a good alternative.

Even though an interface a bit old-fashioned, if iMajiCam shows how a good app for anyone who wants to have some fun with the camera of the gadget, is your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, though the implementation is not fully compatible with the tablet and can present problems. However, buying the Pro version is totally expendable, since she just takes the ads at the bottom of the screen, and they do not come to disturb the use of the iMajiCam.