Holo – Capture Interesting Videos

Most of the phones today support Augmented Reality and there is no doubt about the fact that Augmented Reality has made gaming fun. You can now hunt down terrorist hiding in your house or you can find the Pokemon hiding in the city. There are many applications which implement the different concept of Augmented Reality and one such application which implements new concept is Holo. The application is basically a tool to capture videos with Holograms so for example if you are capturing a video of your dog, then you can add a tiger to the video in the real-time and that certainly makes the video more fun. Let us look at all the features of this application.

Features of Holo
• So as mentioned earlier, the application makes it possible for you to add real animals, people or characters in your videos in real time. You can then take photos or videos with the application.
• The application lets you create all this funny content in nick of time there are many characters available in the application. There are many cartoon characters and superheroes available as well and you can add them to your photos to share on social media.
• These holograms can be segregated as per the category and you have celebrities, musicians, athletes, characters, comedians, and animals available as holograms. Now, just imagine clicking a photo with one of these celebrities and showing it to all your friends.
• You can also adjust the hologram displayed in the video while you are recording the video. The application would let you move, resize or rotate the character. You can make these changes while you are not recording video as well and this would let you get a perfect shot.
• The application saves all the images and videos in the gallery of your phone and it also allows you to share the video to your social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, Twiter, Facebook, Whatsapp and other such networks.
• The user interface of the application is also very neat and there is no pixelation of the output at all. The video output is clear and it is same with the photos you capture with the application.
• The best part about the application is that the developers keep on updating the application to make it better and they also add new characters on regular bases. For example, in a recent update, the developers made it possible for you to add transparent Holograms.

In terms of review, the application has a rating of 4.1 on Google Application Store and it has been reviewed by almost 2 thousand people. In addition to this, the application has been given a rating of 4 and 5 stars by almost 80% of the users. Talking about the installations, the application has been installed by 1 lakh to 5 lakh users.
Now, talking about the system requirements, the application can be installed on any phone that is running on Android 5 or above. So click on the download link below to create interesting videos and photos.