GIF Maker – GIF Editor Review

If you open your social media account, you will see a whole lot of GIFs being created and shared with friends. Most of them contain hilarious content and you can’t help but click on them to see what they hold. Have you ever been tempted to share GIFs with your friends but you did not know where to find them. If you have been in such a situation then you can really benefit from using the GIF Maker – GIF Editor app.
When you want to create a GIF from a video or from multiple images, the GIF Maker – GIF Editor comes across as a potential option available. Those who are passionate about photography and art work are always on the lookout for smart and feature rich apps that can make images better. In this review we will talk about the GIF Maker – GIF Editor app.
Easy to share GIFs
What we really like about this Android app is that it gives users the power to create their own fun GIFs and share them online on the different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gipphy, Imgur, and Whatsapp. If you have a creativity streak or you would just like to show what you are capable of to your friends, you simply need to try this app and start creating. Let’s take a look at the features of GIF Maker – GIF Editor.
GIF Maker – GIF Editor features:
• It allows you to easily cut and crop video before you create your own GIF
• You may include more than 200 images in your GIF
• You must edit your GIF before you go ahead and save it
• Make sure you add the right labels with proper text style and color
• You may add more than 100 funny stickers in your GIF
• Manage all the different images using your GIF
• Manage the different GIF files that you have created and view them at your own pace
• Easily share the GIF you have created on various social media platforms with just one click
• You can create new funny GIFs from the link provided in GIPHY or .gif.
• You can view the trending and funny apps in the GIPHY
• You may import the output GIF into the Gallery and load all the newly created GIFs in your device
• If you like a video on social networking site, you may create a GIF from that video
• Make sure you remove the background GIF

GIF Maker – GIF Editor app permissions
When you download the GIF Maker – GIF Editor app on your Android phone, it will request for the following permissions:
• Access to information on the networks
• Access the various network sockets
• Read from the external storage
• Ability to access the mobile phone camera device
• Permission to write to the external storage
• It prevents the processor from sleeping, or the screen from getting dim
This is a pretty decent app and it does what it is expected to do. You can actually turn your favorite movies in GIFs. The developers are constantly updating the app to remove the bugs and add new features to improve its overall functionality. Follow the link below to install the app on your Android phone.