Funa Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Funa is a perfect utility for you who wants to be always in touch with your family and closest friends. Sygic tool uses the GPS of the device and the data network to share your location in real time and allow you to check where are your contacts.

To take came from utility, you need to have a Sygic account. You cannot create the account through the app and it is done through the official website here. After the registration, you can log in normally in the application.

On the initial screen, the program displays your location on the map with a blue icon. Touching it, you can select “Invisible” to hide your location or “Check-in” to inform your friends to your current position.

funaHis colleagues are displayed on a map with icons and orange, to touch one of them, you find options to browse or connect to the selected contact. Also available is the “history” option, but this feature does not work for free,

In “options” in the top left corner of the display, you will find the settings menu, your full profile and the “zone” Alerts – places marked as dangerous by people using the app. for free, you can set up a limited number of areas.

The new Flight Tracker (Premium) finds passengers during flights. The whole family is informed about the plane’s takeoff, landing, delays or cancellations without the need of a GPS or a data connection.If you often schedule meetings with your friends and family or want to keep an eye on your children, Funa is a good option for you to try. The tool works in a similar manner to multiple social networks, allowing the members to a group make check-in to update your geographic locations.
Very intuitive

The interface is intuitive and very easy to use, as a classic map based on Google Maps covers most of the screen. The position of your contacts is indicated by large icons with photos, making it easy to identify.

While playing in a contact, you have immediate access to selected profile and also the various shortcuts that allow you to call the person or plot a way to get to the point where it is, which is very useful if you are driving.

During our assessment, Funa was very stable, fast and intuitive, demonstrating that the platform is ready to be enjoyed by thousands of people who want to closely monitor the location of your kids, friends or family.

Despite the excellent possibilities, the free version has some limitations. Is not available the historical function, preventing you see where your contacts have been in the last seven days. The Flight Tracker feature, which monitors their families on domestic and international flights, also can not be used.

Release all the features it costs R$ 40.47 per year (R$ 3.37 per month), which is not a price so high for those who really need to use every day to keep an eye on children or relatives.