FullContact is an application that aims to unite all your contacts in one place. He is able to synchronize various types of information to focus the data of your colleagues, friends and family in a single source.

The program can import contact information from up to five Gmail accounts, and also several other apps and services, like iCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Angellist, Xing and many others.

You can also customize all user data with contact information, company and social too. And to start a conversation or send an e-mail, you just slide your finger from side to side.

One of the main strengths is that it can be installed on multiple platforms so you always have access to your information, including a web site and apps for Mac, Android and Gmail. Also, just a change in one of the programs for you to see the changes of others.

Above you gave a complete description about the FullContact and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Google and Apple already have tools that gather and synchronize contacts so you don’t miss any information. However, both practically work only within their own platforms, and do not accept information from other sources.

That’s why Fullcontact becomes an option. Here, you are able to add the data from various sources, including social networks, making the program a broad and unrestricted source of data.

Simple and straightforward

The integration process is simple and fast: within the smartphone, it only takes two touches for you to pass to the application all data of social networking and other programs, making it more streamlined.

In addition, Fullcontact has an interface extremely pretty and well-made, with a visual based on Material Design. The colours are predominantly red and white, giving a “Gmail” to the app.

Quickly find

Although it doesn’t offer categories, the application allows users to enter tags for each of your contacts, which allows gathering several people in the same group. This is useful when you want to send bulk messages or find similar contacts.

Fullcontact is the ideal option for anyone who wants to join data from emails and social networks on various platforms. If you often use more than one type of operating system, then this program is for you.