Friendly for Facebook

friendlyIf you are tired of all the limitations of Facebook app – and always end up without battery because – but don’t want to stop using the famous social network, the Friendly for Facebook promises to be a tool more than perfect. With this application, it is easy to gain access to the online service of Mark Zucklerberg much friendlier and lighter, with better energy saving and data storage.

Friendly is not limited to that, of course. In addition to bringing an interface with a good deal of improvements in comparison to Facebook mobile, the app provides greater control over your news feed. It is possible, for example, block advertisements, add filters to posts and even block (or highlight) posts with specific terms.

As if it weren’t enough, Friendly yet offers an extra layer of security to access your Facebook account. This can be done both through PIN passwords and digital ID – since his device was supporting this last, obviously.

Friendly for Facebook is an app that comes to meet a need that many feel: have a lighter and efficient option for the Facebook mobile application. The idea of the software is extremely ambitious, offering all the social networking experience with battery saving, greater control of your feeds and less consumption of space on your device.

If Friendly can do that? Surely Yes. From the start the app shows that came with a customizable interface, which brings some small but very welcome improvements to the navigation of the online service. In short, using this program is an extremely friendly experience, since he still retains a good part of what Facebook offers software itself normally.

What stands out in Friendly, however, are its many unique tools. Power control and filter the posts on Facebook – and especially block advertisements – is incredibly useful, while able to manage multiple accounts makes a difference. Only helps, obviously, the possibility to add an extra layer of security when accessing the app with the system of passwords and digital identification.

For those who are wondering, incidentally, it is worth noting that the Friendly for Facebook you can make a difference to the economy of your battery. In our tests, just use this app (and uninstalling the Facebook application) resulted in a much lower energy consumption of the smartphone. Soon, who wants to spend less of the load of your phone will probably have good reason to wager in this software.

Put it all together, and the result you might imagine. Thanks to a virtually spotless, Friendly for Facebook if shows a simply amazing experience, number of available enhancements and its great interface.