Free Wifi Instabridge

Free Wifi Instabridge
Instabridge free Wifi is an application that allows you to automatically access several WiFi networks around the world without paying anything for it. In addition, he also works as a network manager that replaces the standard Android program.

The app has already memorized several passwords for WiFi network in the world and offers the option of automatic connection to known networks, public and friends. That way, you don’t have to do anything to get access to them.

Instabridge WiFi WiFi networks automatically avoids don’t connect. In addition, you will be alerted when you can connect to a network next. You can also share your home network without having to share your password, as well as to block it.

The program is still capable of backing up all your WiFi networks in the cloud to be synchronized between all your devices. Know the speed of internet connection and use the map to find the nearest WiFi networks.

Above you gave a full description on the Instabridge free Wifi and its functionalities, know now what we think of Instabridge free Wifi is an application that allows you to access WiFi networks automatically. The program is able to provide access not only to open networks, but also the closed networks whose passwords are known.

The program is very handy for those who have a data connection lame, for those who want to save data or simply for those who don’t have any, since you are able to get access to various wireless connections automatically.

Part of a worldwide network

Free Wifi Instabridge can connect to many networks anywhere in the world. So if you are traveling, you have much more ease in access to internet WiFi in various spots in town without making any effort.

The program still works as a replacement for the Android WiFi Manager, locating all networks and allowing to enter password and save them.

Be a hero of WiFi

You can also be part of the application, helping to share WiFi networks. If you want to share your network or other whose passwords you know, just add the application and make them public. You can even check out a graph that shows how many people helped.

A map from Google Maps helps you find open and closed WiFi points available in the region. Find out easily which is the nearest network and gain access to the internet quite easily.