Finding Monsters Adventure

Finding Monsters Adventure
Finding Monsters Adventure is an adventure game in which your goal is to capture monsters with the help of your camera. Explore a whole new world and unknown recording everything that is happening in it to better understand it.

In the game, you take on the role of two different characters: Tess and Jake. They were sent to this new strange environment, made entirely of fabric, buttons and gears. But how did they get there? And what is this place? Is what you should find out.

The only possible way to solve this enigma is photographing the little monsters. Get the best photos with the amazing poses of these beings and fulfill all the objectives required to conquer the three stars of each phase.

As you advance, new findings, challenges and dangers emerge on the horizon, offering new options and possibilities of gameplay. Explore everything this incredible world has to offer and rewrite your story.

Above you gave a complete description about the Finding Monsters Adventure and its functionalities, know now what Embark on a world completely made of fabric, buttons and gears in Finding Monsters Adventure. Discover how the characters got him capturing photographs of all the bizarre creatures that live in it.

The incredible game has a very well built and attractive, with sets composed of fabric. Until the characters are built with cloth, which leaves its stunning design and very catchy, winning players.

Originality and fun
The adventure of the game is very different and unique, because it is necessary to register the monsters that you find in the best possible poses to achieve next. The bugs, of course, will not give a piece of cake, since they are there to make a mess and not to take selfie.

You need to slide your finger across the screen to get the best images. However, in our tests we noticed that the camera moves in a very slow, which ends up messing up gameplay.

Unique challenges
Each one of the steps has challenges, which gives much more fun and excitement to the matches. You will really get to do the best possible to conquer the three stars to fulfill all the title requires.

All production of the game is amazing, since the initial menus until the game screens, buttons and settings. And on top of that, the game is entirely in Portuguese, which is a good thing, considering the gripping storyline.