Google Family Link for Parents: Parental Firewall from Google

Having children comes with a great responsibility and on contrary to the popular belief, we would say that the children need more supervision as they grow old. With increased connectivity and digital dependency, you need to control their digital time so as to avoid cell-phone addiction. Also, it is always better to know their location so as to ensure that they are safe. There are many applications which can help you in achieving this objective but they are not very reliable. In such a case, an app from a reliable technology company can help and well, we found an app from Google which can help you with this.
Here is a short review of Google Family Link for Parents and you can decide the utility factor of the app based on the review below

Features of Google Family Link for Parents

Guiding Content to Children – The app can help you in creating the group for the family for the children below the age of 13 or the age of content. Once that is done, you can share the content with the children.
Managing Apps on Children’s phone – You would agree to the fact that there are some apps which you might want to be there on your child’s phone. This app can help you in not only recommending the apps to children but also locking the apps or deleting the apps which they should not be using.

Locking the Device – The Application can also manually lock the device if the child gets a little cranky about their digital time. This is surely very helpful in limiting the digital time and you can even set the screen limit time after which the device gets locked by itself. You can then unlock it manually if you need to.

Location Tracking – Another important aspect of parenting is to know where your children are. The app can help you in checking the device location so that you can always ensure that your child is not at the place where he shouldn’t be.

General Review

Talking about the review, the application has been rated by almost 30 thousand people and people have a favorable opinion for the app. The overall rating of the application is 4.3 stars with a majority of 5 stars and 4-star review. Apps from google are surely secure and reliable so you do not face any imminent security threat while using the app.

Compatibility and Support

This app has found over 1 Lakh users who downloaded the app and it is certainly a reliable one. In most of the cases, the app can be installed on devices that are running on Android 8 but this can vary from device to device. It should also be noted that the size of the app can vary as per the device as well.

You can also download the app and you can then easily monitor the digital time of your children in a much better way. Below is the download link of the app and this link will redirect you the Google Play Store page of the app.