Elevator is another game that requires attention and quick reflexes. The goal is to control a cube that must jump from one elevator to another going as far as you can and collect points.

To switch from one platform to another, simply tap on the screen. However, this move must be done very carefully, since the cabins move at different speeds. Another important point is that for the heels give right, cube land right in the middle of the elevator, not worth falling on top of him.

Don’t think you have plenty of time to make the move. Since the platforms begin to descend or climb they don’t return, so do not let the chance pass.

During the journey, the player will find some diamonds. These precious stones should be acquired to be used in the purchase of new characters — after all, no one wants to be a cube Orange forever. Then, challenge your friends and other people and find out who is the best jumper of Elevator.

Above you gave a full description on the Elevator and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Elevator is another one of those simple and addictive games of the Ketchapp developer. The game uses a formula very similar to the other productions of the company: a visual geometric, a protagonist without a huge graphic work and a complicated challenge.

Nothing can be easier than playing on the screen, and jump from platform to platform, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong, dear reader. Elevator is a game that offers a very high difficulty, taking into account some characteristics: first, the speed of the elevators will switch between a jump and another; Second, the setting is created randomly, so you’ll never make the same way twice.

Another repetition of the formula of the Ketchapp scrolls in the purchase system of characters. As with any other title of the company, to release new protagonists, it is necessary to purchase a few items along the way (in this case, diamonds), and the price is not anything down.

Problems with lags and annoying little sound

During testing, unfortunately, the game featured some “lags” that compromised the gambling, making the character miss the right time to make the jump. These setbacks were noticed mostly when the propagated appear on the screen. Despite not being frequent occurrence, when it happens, disrupts a lot.

A recurring problem in Ketchapp games is the sound. At first, it’s interesting to have a little noise, but after a certain point the poffs “or” square “toins falling become irritants. Thus, the mute button is very welcome.

Even not bringing any innovation or some characteristic that makes the game captivating, Elevator can give the player some good hours of fun. If you enjoy a good competition, challenge your friends to beat your high score can be a good way to extend the lifetime of the app.