Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Cthulhu is a Virtual Pet simulation game in which your goal is to take care of a small Octopus who lives under the sea. You must ensure the survival of him with several daily tasks that will help keep you safe and sound.

Among its tasks are many activities that were performed in virtual pets, like food, sleep, health and games. Be careful with the indication bars (health, life, food and joy) to ensure that all is well.

You can eat lizards, fish or even humans. Among the options are health do the needs, bathing or taking medicine. You can also participate in a random game that grants “Awards” like viruses, attack the city, attacking humans, and more.

Go out in search of food on an exploration to the largest RPG style, facing dangerous monsters in search of humans and lizards to feed. Follow the animal through the ages and face more and more challenges.

Above you gave a complete description about the Cthulhu Virtual Pet and its functionalities, know now what we think of The Tamagotchi was a very popular toy in the 80 and became extremely popular in a time that phones haven’t offered options of games or were very expensive. Cthulhu Virtual Pet brings the nostalgia back to the phone.

The game has a pretty unique footprint, because instead of taking care of a pet any, you will have to manage the lifetime of an Octopus living in the seas. This opens up a range of options that has been very well explored by developers.

An original game
For example: you can feed the Octopus with various types of food, and it also includes humans. In addition, the Octopus can play with things like attacking cities and destroy other people’s lives.

The game has a very well done, very reminiscent of the old handset screens. This is due to the Green effect, much like the first screens of mobile devices that were sold here in Brazil.

Ensure the life of pussy
Is a type of game that we have to go back every once in a while to see if the animal is with all vital signs within the expected. So, it takes patience and a constant care lest he die.

Cthulhu Virtual Pet is fun, unique and very well produced and certainly promises to bring hours of fun for players. So, it is a right choice for lovers of games of “caring for critters”.