Camera360 Ultimate

camera 360Camera360 Ultimate is the most up-to-date version of the popular app Camera360. Now he brings a much more practical interface and goes far beyond the color filters, you can transform your photos, giving a professional air to the images captured by the iOS.

The application has 17 sets of effects, with retro images, Lomo, HDR, black and white, among others. But it’s time to shoot that you will feel the real difference. Camera360 Ultimate has numerous configuration options.

It is possible to shoot several times in a row, use the timer, change brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation and sharpness of the image, and even change the white balance, to adapt to the environment. IE: Camera360 Ultimate turns your iOS on a compact camera.

Above you gave a complete description about the Ultimate Camera360 and its functionalities, know now what we think of Camera360 Ultimate is far superior to the previous version (Camera360). The application has improved in many respects, providing an interface much easier to work with and even more image editing options.

But the main praise for Camera360 Ultimate is digital camera options. There are several settings that can be changed before shooting, which allows you to adapt everything to the environment you’re in and the light conditions of the moment.

Contrast, sharpness, saturation, brightness, white balance, self-timer: all this can leave your image even better before applying color effects. In fact, the number of filters is great and very varied.

Unfortunately, it is divided by categories. That leaves Camera360 Ultimate impractical, since it is necessary to open the filters separately to choose what you want to apply. And here comes another negative detail: the slowness of the app.

Even so, Camera360 Ultimate is an excellent application. Aside from all the positive characteristics of image editing, it still allows you to save the original photo and create files in high definition — rare function between the apps.