Blast – GPS Running & Workout

Blast - GPS Running  Workout
Running is one of the best exercises that exist. You can do this outdoors, anywhere, and is a simple and efficient way to maintain your health. For runners on duty, be they amateur or not, our tip is Blast-GPS Running & Workout.

With this application, you can record your races on a map and share the results with your contacts through a social network built into the service.

The first step is to register, what can you do with your Facebook profile, or your phone number. Then, you’re ready to start. The app will get your location via the sensor appliance, simply tap the screen on the home button to start the race.

Blast-GPS Running & Workout can register the distance covered, the duration of exercise time and average speed of the steps. All this is registered in its history to the end of the session, so you can check your performance throughout the day.

The “Blast”, you have access to the contents of social network, which has a similar appearance to Instagram. You can publish your photos and phrases, in addition to access content of motivation to keep running. Follow your friends, enjoy your posts and share your moments in search of better health.

Above you gave a complete description about the Blast-GPS Running Workout and its functionality, & know now what we think of Blast-GPS Running & Workout is an application designed for those who loves running and practising this type of exercise often. The idea is to register in a map your routes, evaluate their performance and share with your contacts your experiences. But, despite bringing a pretty good description, in practice the application still needs to improve a lot.

Visual quality

The interface of Blast-GPS Running & Workout is one of its great strengths. Even available in English only, she is very organized, intuitive and elegant. You will find all the options that search in a very objective manner, what is elementary. The comparison screen weekly, for example, is excellent for you to visualize your constancy in practice exercises.

Only with GPS
One of the points that need to improve in this app is mandating the use of GPS to record your runs. If you want to check only the time and the speed, it will not be possible. Or worse: If you are in a location where the GPS signal is weak, it will not register your session.

Very limited social network

The idea of having a social network linked is quite interesting, but this option is not well explored in Blast-GPS Running & Workout. You can publish only pictures and phrases, but there’s no way to share your results in a most practical way, bringing the data directly from the app.

In addition, there is no way to share sessions finalized via social networks, a widely used resource by users in other applications. This causes the publications in the app finish becoming unnecessary and diminishes considerably the interaction between who is using Blast-GPS to record your Running Workout & races.