Beneath The Lighthouse

Beneath The Lighthouse
Beneath The Lighthouse is a puzzle style game that integrates a series of innovative mechanical to invigorate the genre. During the campaign of the game, you must help a kid to solve every kind of challenge and explore the vast and mysterious environment below a lighthouse. The goal? Find clues to the whereabouts of his grandfather.

The saga of the boy in the corridors and underground halls of the island are all represented in the most diverse scenarios in 2D, in a retro graphic style and very colorful. Once the protagonist is locked in place, it takes a lot of attention in time to slide your finger across the screen of the cell phone or tablet to rotate the previous environment and make the hero comes out.

Each port or cave gives you access to a new phase, with the puzzles and challenges proposed getting progressively more complicated – and requiring some attempts to be overcome. Just advance through maps for narrow passages, platforms that block the path and walls covered with thorns start to appear in the game.

To help in the search for the beloved grandfather of the hero, the game offers the player three lives up to the journey is completed. Beneath The Lighthouse doesn’t have any kind of resource collection system or store of microtransactions, but provides an option R$ 17.97 contribution, which, in addition to remove ads, give endless chances to gambling.

Above you gave a full description about Beneath The Lighthouse and its functionalities, know now what we think of With a compelling story, smooth rhythm and intelligent challenges, Beneath The Lighthouse is a puzzle pretty different from what you see on mobile platforms. Leaving aside the extreme difficulty that has become characteristic of the genre, the game aims to present a unique experience by asking the player to help a boy to find his grandfather.

To accomplish this mission, you need to interact with the gambling scene to make himself the hero reeling by secret corridors below a lighthouse. Wobble? Yes, as there is no virtual directional and the character does not seem to have legs, you have to literally turn the halls so that the protagonist goes through platforms and passageways until you reach a door which gives access to another map.

Just tap the screen and slide your finger gently turn the environment any way you want. Of course, the task is not so easy, and it is necessary to think of the correct angle of rotation so that your character will not suffer a horrible death in traps or fall on skewers scattered over much of the later stages. Three lives will ensure that you don’t see the Game Over screen straight away and can learn from their mistakes.

A work of art

Can relax, since, even though some puzzles require a bit of patience to be completed, it is very difficult that you feel frustrated for gambling. Beneath The Lighthouse not rush the player in no time or asks that he take quick decisions to get out of any danger. On the contrary, the Cadence during matches is quiet and relaxing in virtually every way.

No wonder, since the title seems to unite the pixelated indie Made nice look with all the delicacy of Monument Valley. Although the introduction of the game already be able to tell the whole plot almost speechless, it’s only when it sees the beauty of the animations, the charisma of the character and the fantastic soundtrack that experience with the game is complete.

So, if the money is short to buy your copy of Monument Valley and you enjoyed productions between games and art in sensational puzzles, such as Escape and The Path To Luma, Beneath The Lighthouse is practically a required download. Additionally, even those who do not fit these requirements has high chances to have fun with the app, you can believe.