BadgeBox is an HR application able to manage daily tasks quickly. He promises to save time both companies as people who work as freelancers to manage information and everyday situations.

Thanks to the application you can manage overtime, coordinate a timesheet, organize projects, and more. You can also track important data between the company and the employees, avoiding subsequent reports.

In addition, the program allows companies and self-employed workers are able to take check-in and check-out from each activity with possibility of location tracking via GPS. You can even make requests, such as request for vacation.

The program can also help save money thanks to the tracking of costs and revenues available for each project and activity. In addition, you can send documents to the employees thanks to cloud storage system.

Above you gave a complete description about the BadgeBox and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
How about a greater integration between the RH of your company with the staff? Want to have more control over your work as a freelancer? All this is possible now with BadgeBox. The program allows the transmission of data and information in real time to the management of data.

BadgeBox is an application that offers a lot of information in one place and allows you to put all the evidence and data synchronization, facilitating data exchange and the location of information in a few clicks.

Simplify work

The administration system is very easily so that their use is as simple as possible. The buttons are well located and all the options can be accessed quickly so that the work is optimized.

In addition, the program has many features to be exploited by HR professionals and self-employed workers. It is easy to notice that the activity management is much more simplified, provided that it is well used.

Eliminate bureaucracy

Thanks to the system of project management, it is even possible to calculate the price of your projects so that you have an idea of when and how much worth investing in certain plans for you and for the company.

One of the main advantages of the system is the Elimination of bureaucracy, facilitating the transmission and exchange of content. So if you’re a fan of technology and plans to modernize the HR sector, this can be an excellent option for you and your company.