Most of us like to know about animals and we are much fond of them. Especially wild animals. Therefore we are we are ready to visit in zoos and other animal breeding centers and also we are ready to spend huge amount for visiting them. Because it’s another feeling when we visit wild animals directly. For eg: Elephant, tiger, lion, leopard etc.

animal4d-plus But, what if there’s no one to introduce us the lifestyle of the particular animal. We will be so disappointed if there is nobody to teach us about the lifestyle of animals. Because there’s no any other use for observing animals from zoo or animal breeding centers except entertainment.

Therefore today I am gonna introduce you about a variety application which gives you many informations about animals. According to my opinion this is an essential and indispensable application for people who loves to get awareness about animals.

First of all download and Install the app.
> Open the app.
Then wait for a while to complete loading.

Now you have to scan cards of animals to get their information. If you don’t have cards either you can download it by clicking the specified position or you can click on the settings on the top right corner of the screen. Now you will be able to see twenty four different types of animals. Click on the animal for getting lifestyle information you wanna know. After clicking on it, you can see informations about that animal moreover you also can learn more by clicking on the option ‘wiki’ and you can share animals’ information with your friends. And it contains more other options too. Therefore I hardly suggest you to use this app if you are animal lovers.